Join Herbalife

Joining Herbalife, as a member, has never been easier. In the following video, we’ll walk you through the application to help you get started.

*This video is for Herbalife Applicants in the United States, each country has it’s own method for signing up as a distributor for Herbalife. Most countries you’ll need to call and have an application mailed to you. If this applies to you, feel free to email us and we’ll help you in any way that we can.

The Herbalife Distributor and Member Application:

Our Sponsor information is:

Herbalife ID: Contact Us

First 3 letters of our last name: Contact Us

To get started, visit and click the Apply Now button.

The Herbalife Sign Up Website

What’s in the Herbalife business pack?

The starter kit contains everything you need to sign up as a new distributor and get stated with your Herbalife business.

It includes:

  • Herbalife Trial Packs
  • A Tote Bag
  • 4 Business Operational books
  • Product Literature
  • Applications and forms.

*Please note: Herbalife now includes the trial packs in the starter kits.

Once you’ve Joined Herbalife

Congratulations, you can now log into the Herbalife main website “” and shop for products, learn about the products, learn about weight management and participate for promotions. Herbalife host regional meeting for all members, usually host at a hotel or convention center. There you’ll have the ability to mingle and network with other Herbalife reps and gain insightful information to help reach your nutritional goals as well as business goals. At anytime you can reach out to use for information and questions.