We are Herbalife Members/Distributors that bring the Herbalife Products directly to you with our online store. Herbalife Online Shopping

Herbalife Box of ProductsWhen shopping online for Herbalife Products, keep in mind of the process. Our process is simple. You visit our online Herbalife store, register with the store to see pricing, add items to the shopping cart and check out. In 4 – 5 business days, you’ll receive a box similar to the picture of the Herbalife deliver box with your Herbalife products in them. These products will come from the Herbalife distribution center to your front door. It’s like ordering directly from Herbalife.

Herbalife products out of the box

When you open the Herbalife box with your products inside, make sure you have all the items you ordered with any shipping receipts and promotions. Read the label for instructions on how to take the products and feel free to reach out to us, with any questions you have along your journey taking the products. You may want to take a picture of your products and picture of what your currently look like. When you finish your first month, take another picture of yourself to see the difference.

Do this for 2 – 3 months and you’ll be amazed at your transformation!

Online Shopping Made Easy

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