Herbalife Online Store Shopping Instructions

The Herbalife online store is easy to use and quick to add items to a cart for checkout. We begin our journey at https://www.goherbalife.com/orderherbalonline/en-US/

Herbalife Online Store Shopping

The home landing page with feature some programs like the ‘Basic Program 01, the ‘Enhanced Program 01’, the ‘Fitness package 01’ and the ‘Weight Loss Package 01’. Each package is derived of hand-picked Herbalife products to give a good sense of the products to help achieve the desired results. More features from the homepage are the ‘Best Sellers’. The Best Sellers will show products most commonly purchase across all online stores. Finally, the ‘Featured Products’ for quick access.

Herbalife Shopping Combos

The search bar is on top of the page with a grayed ‘Search..’ followed by a section on the top-right to register or login. You can see pricing under each product and add items to a shopping cart. Therefore, you won’t need to register or login until you’re ready to check out.

Herbalife Product Search

Herbalife Store Side Navigation

The side bar navigation features an area to shop ‘Shop categories’ with deeper navigation when you hover your mouse over the section or tap the three bars with your finger if you’re on a mobile device.

Product Catalog

You’ll also find the blog, a learn section, success stories, the business opportunity and contact from the navigation.

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