This society is paying the price for leading a less then active lifestyle. We live the life where people do little or no We Wonder Why We're Fatphysical activity. This, coupled with high fat diets have spawned a nation of overweight people not to mention that there are about 350,000 deaths each year in the United States due to obesity. We wonder why we’re heavy!

Our idea of work, is sitting behind a desk all day, a very low level of activity all while feeding your body with snacks and other foods that are rich in trans fats, protein and carbohydrates. This is a sure recipe for obesity and that is what almost 40% of the US population is grappling with. And we wonder why we’re heavy!

There are other reasons why people end up being obese and with body fat. One reason is genetic. There are people whose bodies cannot process food efficiently and either digests it slowly and stores a lot of simply fail to generate the needed metabolic combustion rates to burn most of the fats that come into the body. All the same, these people, together with this that lead a life devoid of strenuous activity end up with the same problem.

Let’s end the ‘We wonder why we’re heavy!’

Discover The Importance Of A Healthy Diet And Exercise

Starting to See Weigth lossJust hearing the terms “work out” or “exercise” causes many people to cringe. Yet it is a proven fact that exercise is an important concept for a healthy body and diet routine. Dieting alone will help anyone lose weight, but they must include exercise and working out; as part of the regime to maintain the weight loss and healthy body.

Learning to incorporate an exercise program, as easy as walking daily, will increase your weight loss with a healthy diet. Since many people are stationery for most of their day, adding the exercise to their lives will increase the benefits of the diet. Increasing the amount of activity increases the effects of the healthy eating habits.

What to Eat

A Healthy MealEating a healthy diet with a plan rich in protein, good carbohydrates, grains, Omega-3, and low fat foods is necessary for a serious dieter. Adding fresh vegetables and fruits to the diet provides the essential nutrients to the body. Removing the condiments and fried foods from the diet also is a great way to improve the eating habits.

Avoid Sugar and Fatty Foods

Avoiding sugary and fatty foods in the diet will increase weight loss when including regiments of walking, jogging, swimming, and riding a bicycle. A healthy diet with exercise creates a healthy life style that will provide long-term weight management as well as a healthier body that is resistant to diabetes, heart disease, and other health complications.

Don’t Forget to Add Water

WaterAdd water to the daily diet. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water to keep the body hydrated and flush out the toxins and fat from the body. The body needs water to have healthy lungs, kidneys, liver, hair, nails, bones, and teeth. Water in the diet also helps the person feel full (temporarily) and removes the urges to eat to relieve the feelings of hunger.

Using a healthy diet combined with exercise and workouts can become a standard way of life, leading to a longer life span and a healthier body; that can fight off diseases and even the common cold. The well-maintained body is able to fight off heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer Success in Losing Weightand other diseases. People have changed their lives with a healthy diet, a good exercise program; consequentily adding more productive years to their life span.

Pull it All Together

Activity, eating well and avoiding sugars and fatty foods can lead to better health. As this is not easy to accomplish. Supplementing is more often the only way to sustain healthy eating and getting back to the person you once were and desire to be. It’s the way to ture the ‘We wonder why we’re heavy’ to ‘Remember when I was heavy? Herbalife has the answer and an online store to shop for easily getting this lifestyle.

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