We’re inundated with advertisements online, offline, all-the-time. How can we avoid being deceived as an online consumer, especially when it comes to losing weight!?!

Avoid the “Too Good to Be True” headlines! Such as:

  • Weight loss made simple
  • Try this trick to losing weight
  • Tips to lose stubborn belly fat
  • Tips to lose ______ fat

Being certified in Weight Loss and Nutrition I can confidently say the following: Your calories-in vs. calories-out is the primary reason for how much weight, or more specifically fat, you carry around with you.

Control Calories InCalories-In

“STOP looking for a magic pill that will lose the weight/fat for you!” Reducing your caloric in-take, while optimizing those calories to healthier foods and drinks has historically been the most successful avenue to losing weight/fat. (Please Read That Statement Again!)


More activity in your life allows you to eat more calories! The way our bodies partition energy is directly related to how much energy we spend via activity/working out. This is also related to how much weight/fat being held for reserve. If your muscles and liver have empty storage space, they will be filled before your fat cells will be filled.

Calories Out

If you buy Herbalife products, Isagenix products, Nutrisystem, ketogenic diet books, plant-based diet books or any number of other systems available for purchase. Understand that they all play the same role in helping you to manage your caloric in-take. The only difference in these diets are how easily they fit into your personal lifestyle.

Don’t allow the internet to advertise & confuse you when it comes to weight loss. Nothing to sell here in the post, just recognize that the internet is not regulated to fully protect you from the B.S. it contains.

Best Advice: Don’t get caught up in hyped weight loss sales content. Do your own research on calculating calorie allowance, calorie counting and exercise to get to a more comfortable weight.

Special note: Your body will retain 2.6 grams of water for every 1g of carbohydrates. Your body will hold 5 grams of water for every 1g of sodium. If/when you cut carbohydrates or sodium from your diet, the early weight you lose is water weight. Learn how to properly calculate your Calorie Allowance.

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